Photo by Giorgio Taraschi
  • “The sea has changed and life has changed”

    Their way of life remained unchanged for centuries. But when the 2004 tsunami wiped out their one source of livelihood, the Moken -- a nomadic tribe of seafaring 'gypsies' based around Burma and Thailand -- had no choice but to roam off sea and onto land. From fishing for the day's supper to stocking shelves at 7-Eleven, their lives couldn't be more indicative of our changing world. I spent a week with various Moken families in southern Thailand and on the Burmese border with my friend and photographer Giorgio Taraschi.

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Photo by Giorgio Taraschi

Moken nomads leave their ‘sea gypsy’ life for a modern existence

  Ngui takes one last breath and disappears with a tiny splash. Tunnelling through the turquoise waves, he dives past brightly coloured fish and coral, until he reaches the sandy bottom of the seabed, 20 metres deep, where he begins scouring for tonight’s dinner. He wears no mask, no fins, and no diving tank. He … Continue reading

Manila Cathedral. Copyright Kate Hodal


Bright, giggly, odd, musical and resplendent with moments of sheer hilarity, Manila is a true gem in Southeast Asia. These shots were taken with my Canon.

Malaysian Muslim Ishak Md Nor and his two wives, Aishah Abdul Ghafar, left, and Afiratul Abidah Mohd Hanan, who are members of the Obedient Wives Club. Photograph: AP

Obedient Wives Club Claims It Could Stem Prostitution and Adultery in Southeast Asia

A women’s group that aims to teach Muslim wives how to “keep their spouses happy in the bedroom” is taking root in south-east Asia, prompting outrage from Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Obedient Wives Club (OWC), which has chapters in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and intends to open in London and Paris later this year, says it … Continue reading

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